Converting clicks into revenue

We redefined TOMS’ mobile and search marketing strategies and drove revenue up 30%


People were increasingly clicking on TOMS’ mobile ads.

However, the effectiveness of these clicks lagged behind those on desktop and tablet.

We needed to convert growth in clicks to generate incremental revenue.


First, we customised ad content to ensure TOMS ‘mobile shop’ appeared when users were searching on mobile.

We then used audience signals – including customer match, in-market audiences, and remarketing lists for search ads – to get ads in front of the right people.

We optimised bids for device, audience, and location, and set up broad match modifiers in Google Ads to control when TOMS ads would be shown for related keywords.

We also overhauled TOMS’ Google Shopping campaigns, prioritising best-performing products and segmenting discounted products into separate campaigns.

Additionally, we simplified product attributes to align with searches – for instance substituting ‘olive’ or ‘forest’ with ‘green’.


Mobile revenue overtook desktop revenue for the first time across six European markets (the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria and Ireland).

Mobile conversion rate went up 45% YOY.

Mobile revenue increased by 30%.

Shopping campaigns generated 59% more orders and 31% more revenue.

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