Big Data: Driving strategy and insight

Data should enable brands to act, react and learn

With the ascendancy of big data and its increasing importance in marketing conversations, clients are recognizing the strategic benefits that this data can enable, and they are looking for solutions that can manage it properly.

At the same time, agencies are struggling with the sheer volume of big data, which is becoming increasingly difficult to manage using traditional, manual methods.

The rise in the use of multiple data sources – which may number up to 10 in an average marketing campaign – shows that marketers understand that new digital technologies can add richness to campaign performance results and increase competitive advantage.

The more data – and the more types of data – available to agencies, the more they can learn from and about the campaigns they run for clients. And the more frequently this data is updated, the better equipped teams will be to optimize campaign performance more quickly. The downside is that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the massive amounts of data and the ongoing efforts required to capture, integrate and manage it.

The MediaCom Global Data Solutions team has created a marketplace of technology solutions that harnesses data from multiple sources into formats that are intelligent, user-friendly and accessible:

  • Drive delivers custom dashboards that automate data collection from multiple sources, allowing marketers to see personally customized views in real time. This helps marketers analyze, monitor and react to the media metrics most important to them.
  • Edge collects and harmonizes competitive data from multiple suppliers, and automatically creates reports on what rivals are doing. It can be customized to handle complex brand portfolios, and helps marketers keep on top of competitive spend and media performance.
  • Venture creates standard processes for handling data warehousing and the tracking of both online and offline data at a granular level. Also customizable, Venture provides instant access to the latest information from multiple sources, allowing brands to more easily understand and act upon consumer behavior across markets.

The objective of MediaCom Global Data Solutions is to give every marketer the power to perform highly sophisticated analysis in a straight-forward, integrated fashion. Our philosophy is that data should enable brands to act, react and learn. In our hands – and our clients’ hands – that’s exactly what it does.

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