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Half of Israelis will suffer from dandruff at one point or another in their lives, creating huge headroom for Head & Shoulders, whose brand promise is to be 100% dandruff free. But many people don’t buy H&S when they get dandruff, because they aren't aware they have it.


With so many Israelis unwilling or unable to recognise they have dandruff, we recruited the most powerful advocate around – their religious traditions.

The Passover tradition involves families conducting formal searches of their houses by candlelight, disposing of any “unKosher” or “Chametz” elements.

So while families carried out their devotions for Passover, including removing any bread crumbs in the house, we added dandruff to their removal lists.

We leveraged this national preoccupation with keeping a 100% kosher home as the perfect analogy for keeping a 100% dandruff-free head.


We created a new mechanism: “Divine Sampling”.

Word of mouth is incredibly powerful, but we discovered an even more effective channel: Word of God.

We did this by making Head & Shoulders part of Passover, including special dandruff detection strips in the traditional search kits.


We bought the entire national stock of Passover kits from the sole supplier; a quarter of a million packs containing a candle, a feather and a dustpan used to symbolically locate, swipe and remove any tiny suspicious objects.

We branded each kit with the Head & Shoulders logo and added dandruff testing strips.

We arranged for these kits to be distributed via synagogues – a first for a brand, and acceptable because the Passover kit contained the text of a key prayer.


By ensuring both the means of distribution and the context of the message were culturally relevant, receptivity to our message was significantly higher.

The 250,000 Passover kits were all distributed, ensuring that our test strips reached the homes that need them.

Sales soared. H&S’s market share grew by 35% year on year and P&G plan to repeat the H&S Passover programme in 2016.

Awards and Recognition

  • Cannes Lions 2016 | Gold: Media Lions, FMCG
  • Festival of Media Global | Silver: The Creative Use of Media Award
  • M&M Global Awards 2016: Best Local Execution of a Global Brand
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