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Venus celebrated the amazing and inspiring stories of women who turned their skin imperfections into a movement of positivity, which re-established Gillette Venus as the go-to choice for hair removal.

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Social conventions have limited women’s ability to use their skin to express who they are. Most HR professionals would still be less inclined to hire someone with visible tattoos for example, but nearly 40% of millennials have at least one tattoo.

The Campaign

Society’s expectations of beauty had been limited to the quality of women’s’ skin, yet many were now taking greater control over how they used their skin to express themselves. Venus, therefore, repositioned the conversation from ‘shaving’ (seen negatively) to simply ‘taking care of your skin’ (increasingly positive).

We took inspiring stories of women and turned skin adversity into positivity in the form of an eight-part TV series, while also using the power of influencers, social and print to spread our message.

Penetration growth
Y-O-Y (Oct 19 - Apr 2020)

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