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Men in Black was old… nearly eight years old in fact. In Turkey’s fast-moving consumer culture, that’s ancient! With the launch of the new Men in Black: International, our challenge was to make the franchise relevant and exciting for today’s cinema-goers.

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The Campaign

There was one thing that anyone who has seen a Men in Black movie will remember: the neuralyzer – a device the agents use to wipe people’s memories clean, so no one recollects seeing them or the aliens they were fighting.

We realised that digital memories – better known as cookies – were responsible for many of the most annoying things about today’s tech-driven lives. We used banner ads with a direct call to action to see the movie with strong visual references to the Men in Black before offering consumers the chance to “Meet the cookie neuralyzer”. This worked by automatically deleting the publisher or network’s cookie’s history log.

We took Men In Black straight to
at the box office.

The film gained an incredible 42% increase – a record revenue from the previous release.

Our message reached more than 2.2m unique users and 62,000 of them chose to wipe their past online behaviour.

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