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Ally invited Animal Crossing players to experience interactive elements, where players could exchange virtual currency that brought Ally’s brand promise of “the smarter way to bank” to life.

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Being America’s smartest bank, however, Ally had noticed that the pandemic was pushing time people spent playing video games to record highs. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was providing the No. 1 refuge for COVID-battered consumers, but how could we create a fun and effective solution to motivate people to adopt smarter financial behaviors?

The Campaign

We integrated Ally into the game of the moment, Animal Crossing, by creating a new island totally in line with the brand mission of helping people to be better with money, so they could afford all their material goals and experiences. Ally’s Island was a unique space for the brand, a place where it had 100% share of voice.

The true centerpiece was Ally’s “turnip exchange” where players could trade their hard-earned turnips for 1,000 bells apiece, that’s 10 times what they would normally get on the “stalk market”. In short, we offered them better returns virtually now that low government interest rates meant we could not do it in the real world.


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