Australian Open Ambush




Our challenge was to target our audience who reside in major cities in metro areas, where UberEATS is readily available. We needed a perfect moment to target the ‘dinner occasion’, which has been previously identified as the prime growth moment for people to order food via UberEATS.

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The Campaign

Sport has always been a leader in Aussie culture, but Cricket/AFL/NRL are very cluttered and expensive environments to advertise in. So, why the Australian Open? Australia quite literally stops to watch the tennis, particularly during the big tennis stars matches played at nighttime. It crosses all viewing demographics, appealing well beyond the traditional phone/app centric age group more naturally comfortable with the UberEATS online ordering platform.

We knew live media placements with its lack of a conventional ‘repetitive appearance rhythm’ which traditional sponsor ads have, would be constantly disruptive, prevent wear out and gain constant attention. The uniqueness of this premium sporting property’s short-but-ultra-intense 2-week duration gave us the opportunity to do something at a large scale, fast. We were looking for high impact, not a traditional drawn out sponsorship.

Our execution was only possible by harnessing a unique combination of both on-the-ground event sponsorship and broadcast sponsorship of the Australian Open tennis tournament. We had to use the crew, courts, players, staff, TV assets and every other part of the real event coverage combined with nimble live media placement. A huge task, but the result made a brand that would normally be cluttered in with another event sponsor completely stands out - by perfectly blending in.


We reached our highest ever peaks in consideration, ad awareness and brand preference.

A remarkable
15% uplift
in brand preference measures.