Freshen up behind your mask


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With just over 50% market share, Eclipse is the #1 mints brand in Australia. During the pandemic in 2020, sales across the category were down -12% vs the last quarter, and were set to decline further due to people’s limited mobility, and face to face connection (the need for fresh breath wasn't as prevalent). This dynamic was even more pronounced in Victoria given the State’s extended lockdown periods.

The primary purchasers of Eclipse are coffee guzzling, white collar office workers.

Given this audience were no longer in the office (and therefore not as self-conscious about their breath) we needed to find a new reason for a broader segment of Victorians to buy Eclipse during lockdown.


The third lockdown in Victoria was different to the first two as masks had become mandatory. This meant that people were starting to smell their own breath for the first time.

To see if ‘mask breath’ was becoming a cultural phenomenon that Eclipse could react to, we studied Google Trends data over a week in August 2020. Search volumes for mask breath had doubled in that week vs any other week previously, and in Victoria this was 100% higher than in NSW.

Armed with this data, Eclipse immediately commissioned quantitative research to size the timely opportunity: More than half of Melburnians were more aware of how their breath smelt now that they needed to wear a mask. (Source: Lonergan Research)

The opportunity was to quickly adapt and position Eclipse as the solution to this new cultural ‘problem’ and our strategy was to alert grocery and convenience shoppers to the issue of mask breath: ‘Freshen up behind the mask with Eclipse”.

Execution & results

Within 2 weeks of receiving the brief, we had identified the growing phenomenon of mask breath. The PR and influencer approach was to further amplify the mask breath problem and pose the brand as the solution. PR kits were sent to relevant media and social influencers Georgia Love and Spoonful-of-Sarah. The collaborative approach of this campaign enabled us to increase demand and maximise exposure with Eclipse’s customers to address the sales decline that the brand was experiencing in 2020.