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Attention: Paying for quality time

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Attention has dominated industry headlines and pitches in recent months and has been touted as a superior metric for evaluating communication effectiveness. As a unified metric for both on & offline channels, it has the potential to disrupt the way media is planned, bought and optimized. New researchers, emerging AdTech companies and old agencies have taken different positions on its utility and offer a breadth of solutions for marketers looking to navigate the Attention Economy.

The potential uses for a consolidated attention metric are vast, from having the potential to bridge the gap between strategy and tactics, to assisting with media choices across platforms, measuring media and message together, and helping to identify contextual fit in a soon-to-be cookieless world.

We invite you to find out what attention is, why it is important for brands, and how it is measured and used effectively.

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Media experts joined loop_live to think about the potential attention has to reshape the way we look at how media, creative and data can give a common currency to potential advertising impact.

Keynote: What is Attention, why it is important for brands, and how it is measured and used effectively

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Nic Jones, Head of Planning, MediaCom APAC

John Miskelly, Head of Digital, GroupM APAC

Averill Sequeira, Chief Product Officer, MediaCom India

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