Sport is the world's most popular mass-appeal pastime

MediaCom Sport provides full service sponsorship resource that delivers objective sponsorship consultancy and implementation by employing the full resource and expertise of a global media agency to our client's sponsorship investments.

MediaCom Sport

We provide best practice strategic advice

MediaCom Sport creates sponsorship strategies that have only one purpose: to solve business and marketing challenges. We see a client's sponsorship strategy as an important part of its overall media strategy and overlay the two in order to ensure a fully optimised media investment return.

We define clients' objectives upfront and put in place clear parameters to help us select the right sponsorship properties for them. We then work with an extensive network of sports rights holders to ensure we are always among the first to know about available opportunities - and the realistic levels of investment it will take to secure them. We leverage our group's large purchasing power to derive the best deal for our clients.

We optimise activation to make sponsorship properties work harder

Sponsorship cannot achieve its full potential if it is not properly integrated and fully activated. That's why we develop detailed activation plans before any deals are done.

This kind of forward-planning means our rights negotiations are always informed and influenced by our clients' overall goals. They avoid unnecessary spend and are optimised across their general media investments (such as TV, Print, Online or OOH).

This helps us select and negotiate rights packages that are fairly priced and fit for purpose. It also allows us to implement programmes on the day the deal is signed, immediately starting to produce ROI. We don't try to retro-fit activations to the sponsorship property.

We accurately measure the value of our clients' sports sponsorship investment from day one

MediaCom Sport has recently developed a new suite of industry-leading proprietary strategy and evaluation tools, for brands investing in or considering sponsorship. The four Connected Sponsorship tools are designed to help our clients make smarter sponsorship investment choices within a robust strategic framework. Connected Sponsorship enables MediaCom Sport to match opportunities to client objectives, accurately measure return on investment, and streamline strategies to deliver the fairest prices.

We see sponsorship as an agent for change and differentiation

Thoroughly planned sponsorships are powerful and sophisticated communications platforms that engage and invigorate people across entire businesses.

Sponsorship can drive consideration, raise purchase intent, win store space, shift brand perception and motivate a work force. It provides the means to reach people through a medium that they are passionate about and engaged in voluntarily.

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