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What expertise is involved in Media Buying?

Great media buying requires many skills; an expert understanding of the media landscape, the ability to identify new opportunities and a fearsome negotiation ability.


MediaCom's media buyers have a skillset that's been honed by regular negotiation on the frontline of the communications business.

Firstly they are experts in the state of the media market; industry knowledge ensures they know if a particular media owner is likely to offer good short term deals. Longer term relationships also mean that they get offered premium opportunities such as back covers on glossy magazines.

Secondly media buying means understanding the evolution of the communications business; this means knowing when a new technology or platform has reached a critical level of penetration of a target market and will be of benefit to a particular client.

Finally, media buying requires great negotiation skills. MediaCom's experts have spent years on the front line, ensuring they can deliver the best possible prices to our clients every time.

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