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What are the benefits of working with a Media Buying agency?

Great media buying ensures that our clients get the best possible value from their marketing budgets. By negotiating the most effective deals, we maximise our clients return on investment.


Smart media buying delivers two key benefits. The first benefit is that it ensures that our clients pay a competitive price for the media space they want.

The second benefit of smart media buying is our ability to construct media deals that are more complex than simply paying for space. Increasingly MediaCom's media buyers are looking for new ways to gain added value for clients.

Such media buying strategies could include negotiating a payment by results deal, whereby the media owner shares some of the risk. It could include adding new elements such as events to a traditional media investment to deliver additional value.

At a time when more companies are looking to create content, smart media buyers will also seek to find elements that require media owners to create, host and distribute branded content.

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