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How does Media Buying work?

Successful Media Buying requires two things; a strong relationship with key media owners to ensure that our clients know about new opportunities and secondly the clout to ensure that our clients pay a competitive price.


Before you can buy a slot for your TV ad to appear, you have to have a relationship with the TV station, for example. This is particularly important when it comes to properties such as sponsorship of key shows as these are by their nature very limited.

MediaCom's media buyers have long-standing relationships with all key media owners around the world and as one the world's biggest media agencies we are also frequently the first to be approached about new media opportunities.

MediaCom's media buyers also benefit from the scale of our parent company GroupM. As the world's biggest buyer of media space, GroupM's negotiation clout ensures that we pay the most competitive price for the spots we buy for our clients.

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