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Our Freshness Programme

Our Freshness Programme is designed to stimulate fresh thinking, teach new skills and encourage innovation.  It reflects one of our key worldwide priorities: to develop a brilliant, creative and inspiring workplace, that allows teams to create in a culture that rewards fresh thinking by curious, motivated people.



One Freshness Programme initiative is our annual 'If I Ran the Company' competition, which invites employees to suggest new ways of running MediaCom. It is our way of valuing the ideas of our people, stimulating fresh thinking by enabling them to contribute to the leadership and direction of the company.

The competition has already created Inspiration Day, an initiative that helps us deliver inspired - and fresh - ideas to our clients, by providing time for our own employees' inspiration outside the office. Another fresh idea that the 'If I Ran the Company' competition brought to life was 'The World for you', an initiative that aims to reapply ideas and inspiration from the world out there. This initiative is currently under development.

The thinking is simple: inspired people will create better work for our clients.