Thursday, 15/11/12

MediaCom helps Deutsche Telekom head for Hollywood

Building on the success of previous 'Life is for Sharing' campaigns, this year Deutsche Telekom has really upped the ante - by creating a feature-length Hollywood film.

Move onMediaCom has been at the heart of an incredible project for Deutsche Telekom. Building on the brand's heritage that 'Life is for Sharing' and campaigns such as Dance, Sing, Angry Birds, Welcome back, Katy Perry Firework and Mariah Carey, Move On is a feature-length Hollywood film.

As well as featuring a host of Hollywood talent - including Man on a Ledge director Ansgar Leth and Casino Royal star Mads Mikkelsen in the lead role - it was also created entirely with the help of real Deutsche Telekom customers.

The film has just premiered in Berlin to much fanfare. It has also just been released on YouTube, and will be premiered in cinemas and TV stations in Deutsche Telekom markets.

MediaCom reached out to thousands of consumers across 11 markets, using an amazing variety of media and unusual ideas, to give them the chance to decide what happened in the film, from the props used in key scenes to the soundtrack that accompanied the whole thing; we even asked them to cast the extras.

So, if you're in the mood for an action-packed road movie that takes the audience on a journey through eight European countries then get the popcorn ready!

Check out the trailer below or click here to view the full film.