Galaxy Book Club.

Women love reading, and women love chocolate. By inviting them to "melt into a good book", Galaxy outmanoeuvred Cadbury's gorilla to achieve its biggest ever market share.

Sarah Mellor – Senior Galaxy Brand Manager

The ‘Irresistible Reads’ initiative has been Galaxy’s biggest and most successful promotion. This contributed to Galaxy achieving its biggest ever block market share in April 09.

Background - Taking on the Cadbury's Gorilla

Galaxy was under renewed pressure from a newly invigorated Cadbury's Dairy Milk, whose drumming gorilla commercial had become the most talked about ad in Britain. Not only that - we had tough sales targets to meet in a difficult sales environment with a competitive price promotion frenzy going on in store.

The Big Idea - Indulge in Galaxy and a good book

Reading is the leading leisure activity for women, and what better way to unwind at the end of the day than with a good book and a bar of chocolate? We decided to demonstrate this, and build an association between Galaxy and this moment of female indulgence, by rewarding purchasers with a good read. We created the "Galaxy Irresistible Reads" promotion, where every buyer would have the chance to win a free book. 1m "irresistible reads" were up for grabs making this Galaxy's biggest ever promotion. Not only that, the books were Galaxy-branded and featured Galaxy bookmarks. This meant our promotional prizes effectively became a new medium for us - one that would sit in the handbags or on the bedside cabinets of our target audience, and be passed around between friends.

Making it happen - A compelling story in indulgent environments

A Galaxy panel selected the top ten irresistible reads, to be won in the on pack promotion. We then formed partnerships with the publishing houses and authors, giving us access to interviews and book synopses to use in PR and in making the Galaxy website a richer experience.

We launched the promotion with a TV campaign, gaining access to great "me time" indulgent TV programmes, with our 'Melting into a good book' TV execution. We also ran in female magazines, another relaxing read. And MediaCom created engaging online "in banner" content placed in "me time" dayparts and environments, that explained the promotion in detail, showcased the books involved, and drove consumers to the Irresistible Reads website.

The scale of the initiative meant that the supermarkets and CTNs got behind us - Galaxy recorded it's biggest ever distribution off the back of the promotion, and our reading-themed instore activity cut-through the mass of price promotions.

Results - Impressive volumes

We achieved the biggest ever Galaxy market share of 17.9% (up 2% points & taken from CDM, despite the Gorilla), achieved the biggest ever despatch to stores in the period and achieved +38% value sales year-on-year vs. CDM's +8%. To put this into context, in a period (Q1 2009) where Cadbury were outspending the category by 63%, and in a declining market, we outperformed our key competitor and smashed our own historic results!